Angel a.k.a Lola Luv

angel6.jpgYes its her! Angel aka Lola Luv

Dam she fine, I need to find some more mags with her in them. If you know where I can find more images of this beauty drop me a comment, Someone this fine has got to be shared.




  1. Angel A.K.A. Lola Luv is the Ebony Queen I have ever seen!

  2. The most beautiful creature alive in the universe! Perfect 10!!! Skip that fake over rated European beauty.

  3. damn this girl redifines hotness. i thought my babe was hot but woah. whoever is hitting tthat is the man. beyounce aint got damn on you girl.

  4. man… this is the cutest, prettiest, sexiest girl.. Ive ever seen.. beuty

  5. Hw I would luv 2 hit that this gurl b a perfect 10 in ma bux…mmhmmhmh…she 2 BEAUTIFUL…

  6. kool wth me
    giv me a very little luck, dia,

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