New Site

Everyone the new site is up and fully functional!


You really need to check it out!

All the content from here is there plus a lot more!


Heres a sneak peak


Stephania Bella


Thats It!! Game over!! We got a Winner!! And the winner is Stephania Bella!!!

In case you haven’t noticed already I really have a thing for the exotic women they really do something for me…hahahaha!

Well Bella is no exception, I mean look at her man! She is a DIME!

stephania_bella5.jpg stephania_bella4.jpg stephania_bella3.jpg stephania_bella1.jpg


Somaya Reece

Ok, when i first started this site a while ago Somaya was one of the first. Well I figured that since it has been a while why not look back on her beauty! I’m sure you won’t mind, I know I don’t!!


somaya_reece3.jpg somaya_reece7.jpg somaya_reece2.jpg somaya_5.jpg somaya_4.jpg


Bria Myles

You know it’s getting closer to the Holidays and one thing that always makes my Holiday special is “chocolate”! Doesn’t matter that type as long as it’s chocolate. Well today I figure I’ll share some of my favorite chocolate sweets…….Bria Myles!!

She would definitely melt in the mouth and not in the hands!!!


briamyles1.jpg briamyles3.jpg briamyles4.jpg briamyles5.jpg briamyles6.jpg


Jessica a.k.a Miss Rabbit

Yo! I got a winner right here!! Jessica a.k.a Miss Rabbit is serious! Damn this girl is fine. Sweet face killa body, you know what, I’m not saying no more get at these pix…..


jessica1.jpg jessica2.jpg jessica4.jpg jessica5.jpg jessica6.jpg


Love Barnett

Love, Love, Love,

Im in love wit that body….Geeeeeeeeezzzzzz. Man talk about sexy what’s sexier than a fine woman wit hella azz.? Hmmmmm NOTHING!!! and that’s why I got nothing but LOVE! Did I mention that she works as a columnist for Blackmen Magazine? Wow!


love1.jpg love2.jpg love3.jpg love4.jpg love7.jpg 


Laura Dore


Does it get hotter than this? Maybe, Maybe Not! I’ll let you judge.


laura_dore_1.jpg laura_dore_3.jpg laura_dore_4.jpg